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Welcome to The Salisha Show

About The Salisha Show

Join Salisha Thomas, Broadway star and inspiring host, as she delves into captivating conversations with industry professionals, entertainers, and inspiring personalities. The Salisha Show is your go-to destination for heartfelt stories, motivational journeys, and lively discussions on hair, career, self-motivation, and more. Learn more about Salisha HERE.

Featured Episodes

  • Jay Armstrong Johnson: From Broadway to benefit concerts, explore the multifaceted career of this hilarious and lovable star.

  • Julie Boardman: Discover the journey of a Broadway performer turned producer and the mastermind behind the Museum of Broadway.

  • Antoine L. Smith: Get an inside look into the life of this renowned Broadway performer and his iconic roles.

Why Listen?

  • Inspiring Stories: Hear from top industry professionals and learn about their journeys, challenges, and triumphs.

  • Hair and Beauty: Dive into discussions about hair, beauty, and embracing your natural self.

  • Broadway Insights: Get a backstage pass to the world of Broadway and entertainment.

  • Personal Growth: Gain valuable insights on self-motivation, career goals, and personal development.

Watch and Listen Anytime

Catch up on all episodes on your favorite podcast platforms or watch exclusive content on our YouTube channel.

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